A directional shell
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A directional shell


The syntax of petri is a bit different than normal shells because it uses ASCII art to define running graphs

#!/usr/bin/env petri
                                   \(diff @ @)
                                          ^ ^
                                          | |
\(ls /dev) -> replace_x --+-> replace_y --x-+  
                          |               |
                          +-> replace_z --+
replace_x: sed 's:x:y:g'
replace_y: sed 's:y:z:g'
replace_z: sed 's:z:x:g'

This would be the equivalent of the bash file:

ls /dev | sed 's:x:y:g' > /tmp/temp_file
diff <(sed 's:z:x:g' < /tmp/temp_file) <(sed 's:y:z:g' < /tmp/temp_file)

Why 'petri'

Originally I wanted to call it dish but I found that too generic, and since dish is from time to time preceded with petri, I chose that.